Bare Metal Servers

Precisely designed bare metal server setup built with the 3rd generation of AMD EPYC processor for heavy and most demanding work loads.

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Dotdev Bare Metal Server

100% dedicated, single-tenant, bare metal servers.

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128 Cores
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4096 GB RAM
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20 TB Bandwidth

AMD EPYC 7763 Bare Metal Server Configuration.

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Built on the 3rd gen of AMD EPYC™ Processors.

The Fastest Cloud Processor on the planet.

AMD EPYC™ CPUs delivers more cores, high memory bandwidth and vast I/O enabling accelerated performance for the most demanding workloads. AMD’s latest server chips enabled better scalability, less lag, and more memory. The latest generation Processor have massive delivering and performance power.

High Configuration Hardware

The selection of right hardware to handle any amount of workload.


World Class Hardware

Built on the latest generation of AMD EPYC™ server processor.


High Speed Network.

A complex infiniband networking protocol to deliver massive network connectivity.


High Frequency I/O

Get ultra-fast read and write performance with our without virtualization.

IT Cybersecurity

Robust Security

Tunneled with the best in network security protocol, allowing exclusively through Cloudflare’s network.


High and consistent performance

Powered by enterprise-grade CPUs, the cloud performs with its full throttle power irrespective of your subscription plan.


Resilient to fault

Multiple redundancies eliminate any single-point-of-failure with capacity to mitigate issues following failure or attack with automated restarts to recover with minimal interruption.


Bring your Operating System

Bring your own choice of operating system to deploy on the bare metal server.

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Bare Metal Applications

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Run Gaming Architecture environment on Bare Metal Cloud


Virtualization uses software to create an abstraction layer over computer hardware that allows the hardware elements of a single computer—processors, memory, storage and more.


Run Entire Crypto mining architecture on the bare metal cloud and start your mining journey.

unlimited list of possibilities.


Few of the most asked questions- answered.

Bare metal is a computer system without a base operating system (OS) or installed applications. It is a computer’s hardware assembly, structure and components that is installed with either the firmware or basic input/output system (BIOS) software utility or no software at all.

What is bare metal example? Two examples of bare metal hypervisors or virtual machine monitors (VMMs) that programmers may work with are VMware and kernel-based virtual machines (KVM).

Bare metal hypervisors support live migration of VMs, allowing VMs to be moved from the server they currently reside in to other servers, without needing to stop the other VMs on both servers. This comes in handy when balancing server workloads or offloading VMs from servers requiring maintenance.

The term bare metal refers to the fact that there is no operating system between the virtualization software and the hardware. The virtualization software resides on the “bare metal” or the hard disk of the hardware, where the operating system is usually installed.

Containers are OS-dependent. Linux containers run on Linux hosts; Windows containers run on Windows hosts. A bare-metal Windows server requires a Linux VM environment to host Docker containers for an app compiled for Linux.

The difference between bare metal servers and cloud servers is that one is a virtual machine while the other is a physical machine. A bare metal server is a physical machine, and you identify it within a data center. Even if it sounds obvious, in the world of virtualization, this distinction is essential.

Similar to dedicated servers, bare metal servers provide the advantage of being physically separated from other servers, meaning that the server owner is the only one using its resources. This allows for better performance, improved security, and uptime.

Bare metal servers address compliance and security issues better than VMs because it provides a single-tenant environment. Bare metal servers will provide you with an improved application and data performance while maintaining high-level security.

Is Kubernetes bare metal?
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As long as Kubernetes is deployed directly on the server OS, it’s bare-metal.”

It provides better performance as there are no multi-tenant or hypervisor overheads. Your application workers should run faster on the bare metal as there is no hypervisor to slow them down.

Bare metal servers are also known as single-tenant physical servers or managed dedicated servers. On a bare metal server, the operating system is installed directly on to the server, eliminating layers and delivering better performance.

Get started on bare metal servers in minutes You have options. Choose the bare metal infrastructure that works for you.
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