Cloud Computing

Explore the power and performance of our next generation cloud computing technologies for your business and enterprise.

Cloud Computing
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Cloud Server

A powerful server built with the most recent hardware and network integration.

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Private Cloud

Experience the same power and relevance as our public cloud, but with an isolated private environment.

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Block Storage

Store data files on connected storage arrays with a secure API.

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Object Storage

Store unstructured data on a remote secure bucket storage connected via an API

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Load Balancer

Efficiently distribute incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers,

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Cloud Backup

Backup your important resources in a secured environment.

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Organize collection of structured information, or data stored electronically in our data centers.

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Multi Cloud

Bring multi Cloud Resources under one infrastructure.

About Dotdev Technology

Dotdev Cloud delivers various cloud services to companies across the globe.

Dotdev provide the services to business of all scale and size from small business to larger enterprise.

Serving multiple clients and companies since 2018 with the cloud technology, Dotdev Technology has left a global digital footprint to be the first choice for the best of cloud solution for many companies across globe.

Businesses run their critical web application on the cloud servers and love us for our exemplary support.