Cloud Server

A powerful Cloud server to run any application with always online feature.

Dotdev Cloud Technology

The Fastest Cloud to Run Any Code.

Experience throttling performance and power with our next generation cloud computing.

Robust Features

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World Class Hardware

Built on the latest generation of AMD EPYC™ sever processor.

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High Speed Network.

Built on the best of network points, delivering up to 2 TBPS bandwidth quota / month.
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High Frequency Read & Write

High speed read and write performance.

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Robust Security

Tunneled with the best in network security protocol, allowing exclusively through Cloudflare’s network.

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Powered with Latest Generation AMD EPYC™ Server Processor

AMD EPYC™ CPUs delivers more cores, high memory bandwidth and vast I/O enabling accelerated performance for the most demanding workloads. AMD’s latest server chips enabled better scalability, less lag, and more memory. The latest generation Processor have massive delivering and performance power.


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14 Global Data Centers

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Interconnected with

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10,000+ Cloudflare's Network Points

Robust than other Competitors


Faster Than Competitors


High Performance I/O


Faster Content Delivery


Tighten Enterprise Security

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