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Store your data with our next generation object storage technology, perfect for your data online with s3 compliant API connectivity.
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Object Storage

How Object Storage Works.

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Secure, scalable, affordable

Robust Features

Secure by design

Dotdev Storage stores all your data redundantly on multiple storage devices and uses standard HTTPS encryption in transit with automatically provisioned SSL certificates.

Easily scalable

Get started according to your needs without the worry of running out of storage space. Object Storage size can be increased to match the growth of your business, up to a maximum of 1 TB per instance.

Effortless delivery

Enable public HTTPS access to a specific bucket via the API then share any object in that bucket anonymously via a direct link.

unlimited list of possibilities.


Store any file format

Fetch unsorted data with an API in parallel download network fetch protocol, resulting in much faster downloading on website and apps.

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Few of the most asked questions- answered.

Object storage systems allow retention of massive amounts of unstructured data in which data is written once and read once (or many times). Object storage is used for purposes such as storing objects like videos and photos on Facebook, songs on Spotify, or files in online collaboration services, such as Dropbox.

Object storage is a data storage architecture for storing unstructured data, which sections data into units—objects—and stores them in a structurally flat data environment. Each object includes the data, metadata, and a unique identifier that applications can use for easy access and retrieval.
Object storage is best used for large amounts of unstructured data, especially when durability, unlimited storage, scalability, and complex metadata management are relevant factors for overall performance. Block storage provides low latency and high-performance values in various use cases.

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a strategy that manages and manipulates data storage as distinct units, called objects. These objects are kept in a single storehouse and are not ingrained in files inside other folders.

Speed: Data retrieval with object storage is faster. As you’re dealing with chunks of unstructured data on an individual basis, there is no directory system to create a bottleneck. Lower cost: Cloud object storage is typically far less expensive than trying to expand traditional file systems or add new ones.
Object storage is ideal for organizing, managing and searching through high volumes (200 TB+) of diverse and unstructured data. Object storage platforms also give companies the ability to start making sense of the big data they have at hand and extract insights that aid in the development of business goals.
Object Storage ensures security of the stored data using data encryption. Data encryption is a method used to protect data confidentiality.

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