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Sanjoy Raul Photography

Sanjoy Raul Photography is a leading photography company based in Bangalore, specializing in various photography categories.
Sanjoy Raul Photography

Introduction to Sanjoy Raul Photography

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Sanjoy Raul Photography is a professional studio based in Bengaluru, specializing in wedding, architecture, and product photography and videography. They offer expert and creative services to capture memorable moments and showcase captivating visuals.

Sanjoy Raul Photography & Dotdev Technology

Sanjoy Raul Photography relies on Dotdev Technology for the provision of the following services:

Website on Cloud

Sanjoy Raul Photography trusts Dotdev Technology for their website's cloud infrastructure, ensuring a seamless online presence with scalability and reliability.


CRM on Cloud

Leveraging Dotdev's expertise, Sanjoy Raul Photography efficiently manages customer relationships with a cloud-based CRM solution, fostering enhanced engagement and satisfaction.

Cloud Storage

Sanjoy Raul Photography trusts Dotdev's cloud storage service to securely store their data, ensuring swift delivery to clients while prioritizing data security through encryption and robust storage protocols.

Sanjoy Raul Photography Services

Sanjoy Raul Photography specializes in a variety of photography-related services, including:










new born

New Born



wedding album




Equipment & Gadgets

Sanjoy Raul Photography utilizes state-of-the-art photography and videography equipment to deliver exceptional results for your special moments. Their highly skilled professionals use industry-standard color correction techniques and adhere to professional standards, ensuring each picture stands out with impeccable quality.
sony cinema line
Sanjoy Raul Photography exclusively utilizes SONY Cinema line cameras for all their videography projects.


Sanjoy Raul Photography maintains an extensive and continually growing portfolio, enhanced by regular equipment upgrades. Currently, they use the latest CANON series cameras to capture the essence of their photography projects. Below are some notable examples of their work.

What does Sanjoy Raul Photography have to say about Dotdev Technology?

We are incredibly grateful to Dotdev Technology for the outstanding services they have provided. With their expertise in cloud infrastructure, our website runs seamlessly, offering a reliable and scalable online presence. The cloud-based CRM solution has revolutionized our customer relationship management, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. Additionally, Dotdev's secure cloud storage ensures our data is safely stored and swiftly delivered to clients, with top-notch encryption and safety protocols. Thanks to Dotdev Technology, we can focus on what we do best—capturing beautiful moments—while they handle the technological backbone of our operations.

Sanjoy Raul Photography

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