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Cloud Computing

Experience the transformative power of cloud computing, delivering cutting-edge solutions for businesses to drive growth and digital innovation.
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List of Cloud Computing Services.
amd epyc cloud server

Cloud Servers

Dotdev Technology introduces a next-generation Cloud Computing server designed to handle high-demanding workloads, catering to the needs of businesses and enterprises.

bare metal cloud

Bare Metal Servers

Dotdev Technology offers high-performance Bare Metal Servers for businesses seeking dedicated hardware resources and enhanced control over their infrastructure.

private cloud

Private Cloud

Unlock the true potential of cloud computing for your internal applications with Dotdev Technology, where you can experience the raw power without any disruptive neighbor interference.

object storage main

Object Storage

Leverage Dotdev Technology's S3 compatible cloud storage to securely store your digital assets, while seamlessly accessing and retrieving data in real-time through their API.

managed database

Managed Database

Deploy your database with ease, supported by expert-level installation and maintenance services provided by Dotdev Technology, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your business.

load balancer main

Load Balancer

Efficiently distribute incoming connections across multiple backend application servers using Dotdev Technology's load balancing solution, ensuring optimal performance and high availability.

Success Stories

Companies that rely on Dotdev’s cloud computing technologies for their overall business success.
studio ilysian
Ilysian Studio manages their comprehensive studio cloud storage on Dotdev's S3 storage, while their website operates on Dotdev's cloud platform.
TS Flow effectively operates their complete online valves bazaar using Dotdev cloud computing servers.
ReachMaxx India utilizes Dotdev Technology to power their real estate software.

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Few of the most asked questions- answered.

Dotdev offers cloud servers, which are virtualized servers running on the cloud infrastructure. These servers provide scalable and flexible computing resources, allowing businesses to easily manage their applications and services.

Dotdev offers bare metal servers, which are dedicated physical servers without virtualization. These servers provide high-performance and dedicated resources, making them ideal for resource-intensive workloads and applications.

Dotdev provides a private cloud environment where businesses can have exclusive access to dedicated resources. It offers enhanced security, control, and customization options, allowing organizations to meet specific requirements while leveraging the benefits of cloud computing.

Dotdev offers object storage, a scalable and durable storage solution for managing large amounts of unstructured data. It enables businesses to store and retrieve data easily, with features like versioning, metadata tagging, and high availability.

Dotdev provides load balancers that distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization and improved performance. Load balancers help in scaling applications, increasing availability, and managing traffic efficiently.

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