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Whether it's a customized service or look for the best of cloud technology to run and host your piece of code. We do whatever it takes.

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Cloud Computing

Next Generation Cloud Computing Technology for next generation of explorers.

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Cloud Server

A powerful server built with the most recent hardware and network integration.

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Private Cloud

Experience the same power and relevance as our public cloud, but with an isolated private environment.

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Block Storage

Store data files on connected storage arrays with a secure API.

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Object Storage

Store unstructured data on a remote secure bucket storage connected via an API

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Load Balancer

Efficiently distribute incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers,

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Cloud Backup

Backup your important resources in a secured environment.

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Organize collection of structured information, or data stored electronically in our data centers.

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Multi Cloud

Bring multi Cloud Resources under one infrastructure.

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Serverless Computing

Deploy code globally with Zero second cold start.

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Coding & Development

Scalable and Secure B2B, C2C, C2B, D2C – IT solutions.

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Website on Cloud

We develop website on cloud for all business and enterprise

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WordPress Website

Custom  Made WordPress Architecture for better stability and security.

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Joomla Website

Run Your Website on The world’s best CMS Solution.

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WooCommerce Website

Run your online store on WooCommerce.

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Custom Website

We build custom website as per your business requirements.

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Custom e-Commerce

We build custom store as per your business requirements.

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App Development

We build apps for all mobile platforms.

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Native App

Looking to build your business on the Andoid/ iOS Systems?

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Cross Platform App

We build  centralized app with centralized database structure built for all mobile platforms.

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Android App

We build app for Android systems.

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iOS App

We build app for iOS systems.

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Custom App Development

We build custom app as per the business requirements.

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Network Endpoints

Autenticate every action and Secure your Infrastructure endpoints

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Zero Trust

Deploy your business on Zero Trust Security Protocol.

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SASE is a cloud architecture model that bundles network and security-as-a-service functions together and delivers them as a single cloud service.

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Secure your business domain with DNSSEC using digital signatures based on public key cryptography

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Bad Bot Fight

Secure your online resources and company infrastructure with real time bad bot fight protection.

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DDOS Protection

DDoS protection prevents malicious traffic from reaching its target, limiting the impact of the attack, while allowing normal traffic to get through for business as usual.

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Secure DNS

DNS security is the practice of protecting DNS infrastructure from cyberattacks in order to keep it performing quickly and reliably

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Cloud Security

Secure your cloud with various network protocols.

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Stream Network

Stream Video globally at low latency and on high speed delivery network.

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IT & Cybersecurity

Secure your assets online.

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Website Security Suite

Secure your website in real time from online attackers and abusers.

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e-Commerce Security Suite

Secure your Store in real time from online attackers and abusers.

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App Security Suite

Secure your App in real time from online attackers and abusers.

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e-Mail Security

Secure your e-Mail in real time from online attackers and abusers.

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Interconnect different action protocol and perform dynamic actions.

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Whatsapp API

Connect your apps to WhatsApp API and deliver exemplary customer experience.

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Connect your apps to SMS API and deliver exemplary customer experience.

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Protect your Login forms using OTP as login Method.

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Get the best of Virtual Office solution for your business.

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Google Developer API

We Support all Major Google API Integration for project such as YouTube API, Google MAP API etc,.

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Cloud SaaS

A Robust Managements tool for small and medium size business upto 1 million users.

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School & College Management

Build on Cloud for a total School and College Management.

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Host your educational resources online for all online students, protected by real time Security.

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Healthcare Management

Manage healthcare on cloud.

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Cloud Work Hub

Manage all work resources on cloud.

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Hardware and networking protocol, delivering greater results.
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Fleet Tracking

Track your Fleet in real-time.

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GPS Tracking

Track your assets in real-time.

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Secure your assets online.

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Live Support

Get instant live support for your queries.

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Project Assistance

Looking for a company to help build your next project?

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Project Migration

Migrate your business to cloud today.

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Project Management

We help manage your online resources in day to day basis.

About Dotdev Technology

Dotdev Cloud delivers various cloud services to companies across the globe.

Dotdev provide the services to business of all scale and size from small business to larger enterprise.

Serving multiple clients and companies since 2018 with the cloud technology, Dotdev Technology has left a global digital footprint to be the first choice for the best of cloud solution for many companies across globe.

Businesses run their critical web application on the cloud servers and love us for our exemplary support.