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Studio Ilysian

Studio Ilysian is a professional Bengaluru-based studio specializing in wedding, architecture, product photography, and videography.
studio ilysian

Introduction to Studio Ilysian

Studio Ilysian is a professional Bengaluru-based studio specializing in wedding, architecture, product photography, and videography, offering expertise and creative services to capture memorable moments and showcase captivating visuals.

Studio Ilysian & Dotdev Technology

Studio Ilysian relies on Dotdev Technology for the provision of the following services:

Website on Cloud

Studio Ilysian entrusts Dotdev Technology for their website's cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless online presence with scalability and reliability.


CRM on Cloud

Leveraging Dotdev's expertise, Studio Ilysian manages its customer relationships efficiently and effectively with a cloud-based CRM solution, fostering enhanced engagement and satisfaction.

Cloud Storage

Studio Ilysian trusts Dotdev's cloud storage service to securely store their data, enabling swift delivery to clients while prioritizing data security through encryption and safe storage protocols.

Studio Ilysian Services

Studio Ilyain specializes in various photography-related services, including:
wedding photography










new born

New Born







Equipment & Gadgets

Studio Ilyain boasts state-of-the-art photography and videography equipment, ensuring exceptional results for your special moments. Their highly skilled professionals employ industry-standard color correction techniques and professional standards, ensuring that each picture stands out with impeccable quality.
sony cinema line
Studio Ilyain exclusively utilizes SONY Cinema line cameras for all their videography projects.


Studio Ilysian boasts an extensive and ever-expanding portfolio, enriched by continual upgrades in their equipment. Presently, they employ the most advanced cameras from the CANON series to capture the essence of their photography projects. Below are some notable examples of their work.

What does Studio Ilysian have to say about Dotdev Technology?

Dotdev Technology has been an invaluable partner for Studio Ilysian. Their exceptional services, including software development, cloud storage, and multi-level security, have played a pivotal role in our success. The robust website and CRM they built for us, coupled with their powerful cloud servers, have allowed us to deliver outstanding performance and seamlessly share our photoshoot results with clients. The reliability, speed, and data protection provided by Dotdev have exceeded our expectations. We truly appreciate their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. Dotdev Technology is our go-to choice, and we highly recommend their services to any business seeking excellence in the digital realm

Studio Ilysian

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